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Plastic Containers EP 81 - 1PC

Plastic Containers EP 81 - 1PC

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Features: 1.BPA FREE 2.Stackable 3.Water and oil resistance 4.Recyclable 5.Microwavable 6.Freezer safe 7.LR Patent 8.snaps rim closer

Materials:polypropylene+ a natural mineral powder. 
The addition of this powder greatly reduces the amount of plastic polymer in the finished product and yet increases it's overall strength and rigidity.  
This hybrid material is microwave safe and can withstand high heat!  
With excellent 4-snap closure system. 
Never a worry about the lid popping open!
 It's simply the best to-go container on the market today!  
Temp. Range:-15.5℃-104.4℃

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