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26oz (710ml) Bassage Oval Bowl - 300/Pack

26oz (710ml) Bassage Oval Bowl - 300/Pack

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Introducing the 26oz (710ml) Bassage Oval Bowl – a remarkable embodiment of sustainability and functionality. Crafted with precision and care, this bowl stands as a symbol of our commitment to a cleaner planet and a brighter future.

1. Compostable and Biodegradable: Elevate your environmental consciousness with the 26oz Bassage Oval Bowl. Crafted entirely from sugarcane fiber (Bagasse), this bowl returns to the earth without leaving behind harmful traces. Bid farewell to plastic waste and embrace the beauty of natural decomposition.
2. Environmentally Beneficial: By choosing our Bassage Oval Bowl, you're actively participating in the global effort to reduce our carbon footprint. This choice resonates with your values and serves as a beacon of hope for a world that's kinder to the environment.
3. Tree Plastic Free: In a world where plastic's impact on nature is a growing concern, our Bassage Oval Bowl offers a tree plastic-free solution. Embrace guilt-free dining experiences that do not compromise our precious forests.
4. Versatile Elegance: From chic restaurant gatherings to joyful picnics, vibrant parties to efficient food services, the 26oz Bassage Oval Bowl shines as the ideal companion. Its timeless design and eco-friendly credentials make it the perfect choice for various occasions.
5. Microwave and Freezer Friendly: The marriage of convenience and sustainability is achieved with our bowl's microwave-safe and freezer-friendly design. Reheat your delectable meals or store leftovers with ease, all while staying true to your commitment to the environment.
6. Resistant to Oil and Cuts: Designed to accommodate diverse dishes, our Bassage Oval Bowl is adept at handling oil-rich or hearty meals. Its resistance to cuts and oil ensures that your culinary creations stay intact and visually appealing.
7. Robust Bearing Capability: With the 26oz Bassage Oval Bowl, you're investing in resilience. It boasts a robust bearing ability, making it the go-to choice for even the most substantial servings.

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