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8"x8" Bagasse Box - 200/Pack

8"x8" Bagasse Box - 200/Pack

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Introducing the 8"x8" Bagasse Box – a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution that redefines the way we package and store our meals. Crafted with a commitment to preserving our forests and promoting sustainable practices, this box stands as a beacon of conscious living.

1. Forest-Friendly Innovation: Embrace the power of sustainability with the 8"x8" Bagasse Box. Unlike comparable pulp-based products that are sourced from trees, our bagasse comes from sugarcane, a perennial grass. This means no more waiting for trees to grow for 10 to 20 years; instead, sugarcane can be harvested multiple times a year, making it a rapid and responsible choice.
2. Perpetual Sustainability: The core of our Bagasse Box lies in its source – sugarcane, a perennial grass that can be harvested year after year. This sustainable practice ensures that we minimize our impact on the environment while meeting our packaging needs.
3. Certified Compostability: Rest assured that our commitment to sustainability extends beyond sourcing materials. Our products hold the BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) certification and meet the ASTM D6400 and EN13432 Standards for compostability. When you choose the 8"x8" Bagasse Box, you're making a choice that goes beyond convenience – it's a choice that nurtures the planet.

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