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9''x6'' Bagasse Hinged Container - 200/Pack

9''x6'' Bagasse Hinged Container - 200/Pack

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Introducing the 9''x6'' Bagasse Hinged Container – an embodiment of convenience and sustainability that transforms the way you package and serve your meals. Crafted with care and innovation, this container stands as a testament to our commitment to a greener planet and a hassle-free dining experience.

1. Compostable Sugarcane Fiber: Embrace the power of nature with the 9''x6'' Bagasse Hinged Container. Made entirely from sugarcane fiber, this container is 100% compostable, ensuring that you're making a choice that leaves no trace on the environment.
2. Versatile Serving Solution: Whether it's a bustling restaurant, a food truck on the move, takeout orders for busy individuals, or leisurely picnics and gatherings, this hinged container is the perfect companion. Its adaptability makes it an essential addition to your culinary arsenal.
3. Microwaveable and Leak-Free: Enjoy the convenience of reheating meals in a snap with our microwaveable container. Its leak-free design ensures that your food stays secure during transportation, providing you with peace of mind as you savor your meal.
4. Sturdy and Durable: Beyond its eco-friendly attributes, the 9''x6'' Bagasse Hinged Container is remarkably rigid and durable. It maintains its shape and integrity, offering a reliable storage solution for a variety of dishes.
5. No Cleanup Required: Experience the ultimate convenience with our hinged container. Once you're done enjoying your meal, you can compost it along with food waste, eliminating the need for cleanup and minimizing your ecological footprint.

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