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9"x9" Bagasse Box with 3 Compartment - 200/Pack

9"x9" Bagasse Box with 3 Compartment - 200/Pack

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Introducing the 9"x9" Bagasse Box with 3 Compartments – a revolutionary solution for convenient and eco-friendly food storage. Crafted with innovation and versatility in mind, this box stands as a testament to our commitment to providing you with a reliable solution for your dining needs.

1. Versatile Hot and Cold Use: Embrace the freedom to enjoy your favorite meals hot or cold with the 9"x9" Bagasse Box. Whether you're indulging in a steaming meal or a refreshing salad, this box ensures that your food stays at the desired temperature.
2. Microwave and Freezer Friendly: With the convenience of being microwavable and freezable, our Bagasse Box adds ease to your mealtime routine. Reheat leftovers or store meals with confidence, knowing that this box can handle it all.
3. Ideal for Various Food Items: The 3 compartments of this box offer a practical way to separate different food items. Whether it's a balanced meal, a variety of snacks, or a combination of hot and cold delicacies, this box ensures your culinary creations are well-organized.
4. Perfect for Any Occasion: From camping adventures to picnics in the park, weekday lunches to catered events, BBQ gatherings to vibrant parties, and even restaurant takeout, the 9"x9" Bagasse Box fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.
5. Secure Snap-Tight Locks: Say goodbye to spills and leaks with the snap-tight dual locks of this box. The easy grip tabs make opening and closing a breeze, ensuring your meals stay secure and mess-free during transport.

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